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Vista Vitals 17in1 AIO 英文合輯版 (適用於VISTA系統)
軟體名稱: Vista Vitals 17in1 AIO
語系版本: 英文合輯版
光碟片數: 單片裝
破解說明: 請將光碟內的 \123 資料夾 複製到硬碟內,在執行Vista_Vitals.exe
系統支援: 以官方網站為準
軟體類型: 軟體合輯
更新日期: 2008.01.01
軟體簡介: (以官方網站為準)

Applications for your use include .....

Advanced Spyware Remover v1.2
Driver Max v2.3 Vista & XP
Magic Burning Studio v10.3.3
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (32Bit)
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (64Bit)
OReilly Windows Vista The Missing Manual (Dec. 2006)
UltraISO Premium Edition v8.6.1.1982
VirtualBox 1.3.6 (32 Bit) + UserManual .pdf*
VISTA FIXES AIO \cracks & Patches Collection (Your Choice) +
*Includes Microsoft Vol.Activation 2.0
VTC - Microsoft Windows Vista (Tutorials) ISO Complete
Windows Updates Downloader v2.25 Build 886
Windows Vista Hardware Assessment Tool v1.0 includes ...
*Vista Hardware Assessment Getting Started Guide .doc*
*Windows Vista Hardware Assessment Datasheet v1.0 .doc*
+Yamicsoft Vista Manager v1.0.6 64 Bit
+Yamicsoft Vista Manager v1.0.6 32 Bit

*All documentation is available for reading on each program.

The new Vista Operating System being of interest as the next best thing
by Microsoft is and has been of controversy. Since its inception there
have been many testing its integrity and challenged at the same time by
Microsofts hidden agenda. However,as it is with people at large,one mans
junk is another mans treasure ! Vista as an environment can be used
provided of course that certain things are met by the user. As it was with
Windows XP when it first came out,the tips and tricks in using it were
different than its predecessors and with Vista the same holds true.

This All In One program has some answers for your needs in learning and using
the built in features that Windows Vista envisions for all users to take
advantage of. Some of these same applications are of benefit using Windows XP
as well. The main purpose in sharing these is to allow you the tools and
knowledge available in deciding which is best for your needs.

Within the shell of this program made for you to try are the extra
goodies to fully understand the makeup of using the Vista architecture
having all the available information at your fingertips. There is an
abundance of things to study and the extras of doing so conveniently. We
are providing to you not only the information difficult to find,but as
well the tools to make it available for you to pass it onto your friends
who may be considering using the Vista framework themselves.